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FFMPEG Builder: Track Reorder

This node will reorder the audio and subtitles tracks given the parameters and update the order in “FFMPEG Builder”. When “FFMPEG Builder: Executor” is run the tracks will be written in the order specified.

Note: This will also set the first track (audio or subtitle) as the default track of its type. Even if the the tracks do not get re-ordered, the first track will be now marked as default.


The type of tracks that should be reordered


A list of language codes used to prefer, anything not matching these will come afterward image

Ordered Codecs

A list of codecs to order the tracks by. This is done after Language.


The channel order to use, anything not matching these will be ordered afterward. Only available if reordering audio tracks image


  1. Tracks have been reordered in “FFMPEG Builder”
  2. Tracks have NOT been reordered


If you had this for example, image

The order will be

  • English AC3 5.1
  • English AC3 Stereo
  • English AAC 5.1
  • English AAC Stereo
  • French AC3 5.1
  • French AC3 Stereo
  • French AAC 5.1
  • French AAC Stereo
  • German AC3 Stereo
  • German AAC 5.1
  • Dutch ACC Stereo

Where German and Dutch were not specified, but since German AC3 is ordered before AAC, that will appear before any other AAC tracks. And then you have German AAC 5.1 which will be ordered before the Stereo track of the Dutch AAC track.

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