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FFMPEG Builder: Track Remover

This node will update “FFMPEG Builder” to remove all the matching tracks from the output file.

It will only mark the current tracks in the “FFMPEG Builder” for removal, so any tracks added later will NOT be affected.

Tip: Remove Images

You can have this node remove images from a video file but setting the type to “Video” and the remove after index to “1”.
This will keep the first video track, but then remove the rest. FFMPEG treats images as a video track.


The type of tracks that should be reordered

Remove All

When this is checked all current tracks will be removed from the output file. This is useful if you want to have a file with only specific tracks.


This is a regular expression that will be run against the title or language code of the track.

The pattern is NOT case-sensitive.

Not Matching

If tracks not matching these parameters should be removed.


The value to match against.

  • Title
  • Language
  • Codec

Remove Non-English Tracks Example


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