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FFMPEG Builder: Subtitle Track Remover

This node will remove subtitles based on a regular expression pattern, or the inverse if “Not Matching” is checked.

Use Language

When this is checked it will use the language code of the subtitle, else it will use the title of the subtitle.

If a subtitle has no language and this is checked then that subtitle will not match the pattern. If “Not Matching” is checked then this subtitle will be kept, else it will be removed.


This is a regular expression that will be run against the title or language code of the subtitle track.
The pattern is NOT case-sensitive.

Remove Non-English Subtitle Example

If you wanted to remove all non-English subtitle tracks you could use this: image

Remove “Commentary” Subtitle Example

If you wanted to remove all subtitles tracks that had the word “commentary” in them you could use this: image

Remember this node will REMOVE so the conditions you enter are for what you want to be removed.

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