Web Request

Web Request

Copies a file to the destination folder


The URL of the request.


The web method to use when sending this request.

Content Type

The Content-Type of the message to send.


Optional headers to send with the request.


The body of the request being sent. Variables can be used in this field. This is a plain text field and variables can be used using the {}. For example {file.Name}


  1. Successfully sent
  2. Request returned a non-successful status code


Variable Description Type Example
web.StatusCode The status code from the response number 200
web.Body The body of the response string this is a sample body

Note: In the Flow Editor this examples values will be used, so if you are expecting JSON back, the code will be evaluated with “this is a sample body” when saving.

JSON Body Example

To send a JSON body

  1. Set the content type to “JSON”
  2. Choose the HTTP method, for example “POST”
  3. Set the body
     "SomeInt": 123,
     "SomeString": "this is a string",
     "StringVariable": "{file.Name}",
     "IntVariable": {file.Size}
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