Move File

Move File

Moves a file to the destination folder


Destination Folder

The folder where the file will be moved to.

Destination File

The filename to move the file to. If empty, the original filename will be used.

Copy Folder

If the folder structure relative to the library should also be copied.

For example, if the library is /media/tv and the file is /media/tv/my show/season 1/myshow.mkv and the destination folder is /copyloc.

If Copy Folder is selected the file will be copied to /copyloc/my show/season 1/myshow.mkv

Delete Original

If the original file should be deleted, this will only happen if the working file is different to the original file.

Additional Files

Any additional files that should be copied with the file, eg if you want to copy an nfo or sub file with it.

Original Directory

When checked the “Additional Files” will be copied from the original library directory, otherwise they will be copied from the current working directory (i.e. the temporary directory if the file has been processed and created a temporary file).


  1. File was moved successfully
  2. File was moved, however the original file failed to be deleted
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