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Audio File

Audio File is an input node which will scan a file and load the Audio Information (codec/bitrate etc) for processing in the flow.


Variable Description Type Example
AudioInfo AudioInfo object object See Below
audio.Album The album for the file string The Album
audio.Artist The artist for the file string The Artist
audio.ArtistThe If the artist contains the, the will be shifted to the end string Artist, The
audio.Bitrate The bitrate in bytes per second (bps) number 192000
audio.Channels The number of audio channels number 2
audio.Codec The codec of the audio file string aac
audio.Date The date the audio file was produced Date 1 June 2020
audio.Year The year from the date number 2020
audio.Duration The duration of the audio track in seconds number 360
audio.Encoder The encoder that produced this file string FFMPEG
audio.Frequency The frequency of this audio number 44800
audio.Genres The genres for the audio track string[] [‘Rock’, ‘Pop’]
audio.Language The language of the audio track string en
audio.Title The title of the track string This is a song
audio.Track The track number number 12
audio.Disc The disc this track is on number 2
audio.TotalDiscs The total number of discs for this album number 2

AudioInfo Object

class AudioInfo
    Language: string
    Track: number
    Disc: number
    TotalDiscs: number
    Artist: string
    Title: string
    Album: string
    Date: DateTime
    Genres:: string[]
    Encoder: string
    Duration: number
    Bitrate: number
    Codec: string
    Channels: number
    Frequency: number
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