Windows Service

If you wish to install either FileFlows Server or FileFlows node as as Windows service. Follow this guide.

Download NSSM - the Non-Sucking Service Manager and extract the zip.

Open a command prompt in the same folder as


To install the server

nssm install FileFlows

To install a node

nssm install FileFlows-Node




Enter the full path of dotnet.exe, this is likely install under C:\Program Files\dotnet\dotnet.exe

Startup directory

FileFlows server:


FileFlows Node:



FileFlows Server:

FileFlows.Server.dll --no-gui true 

FileFlows Node:

FileFlows.Node.dll --no-gui true 

Then click “Install Service”.

Uninstalling A Service

To uninstall a service created with NSSM.

FileFlows Server:

nssm.exe remove FileFlows

FileFlows Node:

nssm.exe remove FileFlows-Node
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