This guide details how to set up Dandere2x for upscaling anime.

Dandere2x will double the resolution of the video and enhance the quality.

This script is designed to be used by Docker. If you want to use Dandere2x outside of Docker you can install it locally and launch it using a Function node.

FileFlows Container Setup

This must be done on the Node container if using a external processing node, of using the internal processing node done on the main FileFlows Server container.

Value Description Example
TempPathHost Must match the path set for the mapped /temp path /mnt/temp
/var/run/docker.sock The hosts docker sock, this allows FileFlows to start sibling containers. Append :ro to state that it’s readonly /var/run/docker.sock:ro


Download the Script

The script can be found in the Script Repository img

Add the Script into a Flow

The script will now be available to use in a Flow.

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