Creating A Library

A library is a folder that FileFlows will monitor and search for files to process.

Note: A Library must have a Flow associated with it. Refer to Creating a Flow for an example.

  • Click the “Libraries” page
  • Click the “Add” button
  • Enter the name of the library eg “Downloads”
  • Enter the path of the library, you can use the “…” button to open a folder browser to select a folder, or you can enter the path directly
  • Filter. This is optional, but helpful to filter out any files you do not want.
    • This uses an regular expression to filter.
    • This example we want video files, so we will use the expression “.(mp4 mkv avi mpg mov)$” which matches files ending in the extensions mp4, mkv, avi, mpg, mov. The expression is case insenstive
  • Flow. Select a flow you created previously, here we will use the example “Convert to H265/AC3”
  • Click Save


You now have a Library that will be scanned regularly and any video files found will be processed into H265/AC3.

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